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I have a bunch of partly- or nearly-finished peices sitting in a folder on my Psion.  I’ve decided to post them more or less as they are, in the interest of clearing the decks.  In some sense I think their presence is psychologically wieighing me down.  In the interest of not boring people I’ll be putting them behind cut links, so you can easily ignore them if you wish..

Intersections in realtime

On Friday I made it out to the pub for ‘s birthday drinks, which was reason enough for pleasure and excitement in itself; but it had the added attraction of introducing me to a number of SF lumminaries and LiveJournal friends for the first time.

As well as and who of course I knew already, there were ; Claire and Mark of Croydon fandom; , whom I actually know a little from way back (The Chester Connection); and a couple of others whose LJ names, if any, I didn’t get, and whose real names I have now sadly forgotten. Sorry about that.

Then after a bit turned up, and we discovered a common interest in Psion PDAs. Still later arrived with friend whom I assume was

And lastly a Simon, who I assume is , but I didn’t get a chance to speak to him.

I don’t know why I didn’t post that one.  Probably too boring.