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What a great feeling it was to hear the Defence Procurement Minister come on to the Today program to answer for buying a bunch of Chinook helicopters without the software that will allow them to fly in anything but fine weather; and when asked how such a contract could have been signed, answer: “It was signed in 1995, before we came to power.”

God, I love politics.  Alas, we won’t get to see a Tory minister squirm over this.

True, perhaps they should have realised it when they did come to power, but a government must be party to a lot of contracts; presumably a new minister can’t go over every single one.  In fact, whoever is in power, isn’t it the relevant Civil Service people who are at fault in case like this?  Including, no doubt, somebody actually in the RAF.

I wonder, though, why no-one seems to be having a go at the manufacturers, Boeing, for the madnness of ever making them (or at least, selling them) in that condition.