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Open Source rocks…

… as we all knew; but now we can see how it’s helping rock ‘n’ roll. This is a great story about how Ernie Ball, the guitar string maker, switched form Microsoft to Open Source software.

What support? I’m not making calls to Red Hat; I don’t need to. I think that’s propaganda…What about the cost of dealing with a virus? We don’t have ‘em. How about when we do have a problem, you don’t have to send some guy to a corner of the building to find out what’s going on–he never leaves his desk, because everything’s server-based. There’s no doubt that what I’m doing is cheaper to operate. The analyst guys can say whatever they want.

I got the story from a blog I originally knew as “A Book In Ten Days”, but which now appears to be called “Stakeout”. It’s LiveJournal feed is still at abookin10days; though if you click that link you’ll see that the details there say “Stakeout”, too.