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You don’t Meaney it!

This week I’m on a training course: Enterprise Java Beans, at QA Training. On the first day, the trainer, as is usual at these things, asked us each to say a few words about ourselves, our expectations of the course, and so on. “And as a bit of light relief, your favourite book”.

I said, “I don’t believe anyone really has a single favourite, but one that I especially like at the moment is Hyperion by Dan Simmons.”

“Do you like science fiction generally?” asked the trainer.


“Do you know of an author called John Meaney?”

“Yes, I just read his Paradox,” I answered, thinking he was a fellow fan.

“He’s teaching Java for C Programmers upstairs.”

FX: Martin’s jaw hitting desk.

The out-of-context setting and surprise of it all left me feeling strangely star-struck — despite the fact that I haven’t actually met him, just spent a couple of days in the building where he works. I shouldn’t be affected like this: I’m an old conventioneer, after all. And indeed, half (or more) of my potential readers here were probably drinking with Mr Meaney last weekend in Hinckley; but still…