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Do mention the war

So it’s begun.

I haven’t posted about the formerly-impending war here before now, not because of any reticence, but because faster (and better) writers than me have already said anything I would want to say. And we don’t want to get into “me too” syndrome, now, do we?

But I can’t let it pass without comment.

Today, as well as hearing about the first strikes on Iraq, we are being warned of the likelihood of increased terrorist risk now that it’s started. So finally somebody in authority gets it. Pity they didn’t get it soon enough to tell the US (or even UK) government. Because you can be sure that we (by which I mean the whole world) are entering a time of increased danger from terrorist attacks.

Not just over the next few week or months while the war actually happens, though: we are now likely to be entering a terrorist decade; maybe century.

Of course, as Robert Anton Wilson put it (or maybe he was quoting somebody) “Terrorist is what the big army calls the little army.”

And the biggest army of them all is going to cause the most terror. Though they might call it “shock and awe”.