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Another tube of superglue, another quarter to get through

Duct tape. I ask you, when, in this country, did we start calling gaffer (or gaffa, I’m never quite sure) tape, ‘duct tape’?

The answer seems to be about two or three days ago. Certainly The Guardian is blithely referring to it as if we talked about it every day.

And anyway, what ducts exactly is said famous tape intended for? It holds cables to floors, patches up guitar cases and even amps; but what ducts?

Thing is, I realised in these troubled times that all my ‘duct tape’ is at Karmicnull’s, since our recording sessions.

The Nulls, of course, live out in the countryside, many miles from civilisation; so perhaps their need for taped-plastic-sheeting protection is greater than we inner-Londoners. But I doubt it.

Anyway, it gave me the idea for another of my obscure post-titles, which, if you haven’t worked out the purpose of yet, I’ll explain in my next post.