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Posts for February 9, 2003

Plenty more won’t work so slow

I spent all of Friday afternoon trying to track down (what should be) the last bug in the project I’m currently working on. Only to discover that it wasn’t really there. Grrr. I must have looked at the wrong output when I ran the relevant test just before lunch, so I thought I wasn’t getting the data that I should be. Then after I got back from Pizza Express (it was Friday after all) I started debugging.

I spent the rest of the afternoon deep in the bowels of JBuilder, stepping through the code in debug. Then just as it was getting close to being time to go home, and when I thought I was going to have to come back to it on Monday, I discovered that there wasn’t any bug at all: I was getting the data that I expected. Grrrr. And Grrr! again.

Still, at least I did get it sorted out before the weekend.

For some of the time I was listening to a band called Rusted Root, who are a kind of folky, percussive lot. One of my co-workers had them on his hard drive, and he had thought that we might sound a bit like them, purely going on the “cowpunk” description (and knowing next to nothing about punk, clearly).

So I pointed him at the mp3s of our old demo. It stems from before and I joined the band, but we still do the first two songs (and might conceivably reinstate two of the others into our repertoire). He’s an open-minded sort of guy, and is keen to hear the results of our recent sessions.