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Posts for January 26, 2003

Let me tell you how it will be…

It’s the first time I’ve had to fill in a tax return since I was a student, and I decided that, in the 21st century, it’s almost a moral requirement to do it onlline if you can. I was prepared to fall back on IE if I had to, but I have to express a certain surprised respect that the online form seems to work in Mozilla. As a precaution, before I started I disabled my ad-and-popup blocking software, AdSubtract, as it can cause problems with functional sites if they happent to use much JavaScript. But then the site just worked. Errr, until it ground to a halt, that is.

Now, you’d think that they’d have realised that the last weekend that you can do your return before you get a penalty charge would be on the busy side, and boosted their severs a bit. But no. There it sits, hours later, on an ” operation timed out” page. Sombeody must be connecting, but it sure ain’t me. Even Netcraft can’t connect (I thought it would be worth finding out what kind of servers they’re running; but I don’t know yet).

Oh well, I have to get some info from my building society before I can finish, so I suppose it can wait.

And anyone who’s smugly saying, “I did mine months ago” can bugger off.