Gabi Garbutt & The Illuminations at the Monarch in Camden.

I hate how Amazon Prime Video puts adverts in between episodes. And it always seems to be for The Tick.

Watching early Seinfeld. If I’m not very much mistaken he just made instant coffee! Yuck. The past was another world.

This tree looked amazing as the sun caught it. This morning in Croydon.

Put on BBC 6 Music this morning. They played ‘The Sound of the Suburbs.’ Excellent. Still stands up well.

Also that ‘easy moving’ trick only works on the iPad, not the iPhone. In fact the strangest thing about iOS 11 so far is the differences between iPhone and iPad. Like when I swipe up from the bottom on the iPhone, I want to see the Dock.

Ah, wait: they do shake if you hold them long enough. But you can now move them before they start to shake. Nice. Obviously they have to go into shake mode, otherwise how could you delete them?

iOS 11: icons don’t go shaky when you move them any more. I think I’ll miss that.

This post, in which I said:

I just checked, and my current total is 700. I’ll have to go some to catch you up. 🙂

will no doubt have confused everyone. I was involved in a conversation on, and I may have pressed the wrong button and created a new post instead of a reply. I thought it was a bug, but it’s entirely possible it was my fault.

Manton, the creator of, is going to make some UI changes to make that error less likely. And he has also told me how to check where a post is going to go. Which is that, if it shows at the bottom while I’m typing, then it will be posted here. So I’ll watch out for that in the future.