You’ll be pleased to know that we got the battery cover off the Fire TV Stick remote. Got Netflix and iPlayer installed, watched Person of Interest.

In the end we just had to be persistent. And firm.

Burn it With Fire (Stick)

I bought an Amazon Fire TV Stick in the Black/Cyber/Whatever sales, because I thought it would be a good way to watch BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and so on, on the telly, without having to plug a laptop in, as we do at present. Tonight I tried to set it up. Amazon have decided to use…

Just saw this winter’s first flurry of snow. Well, hardly flurry: just a few flakes drifting past the window. And it’s stopped now.

A Five and Four Zeroes

Actually it's 50,069 words in total, as of a few minutes ago. And the last 5000 or so were not in the novel that I finished the other day. Instead I wrote a new opening to the previous novel, which I hope will have moved it towards a submittable state; and a whole load of…

I’m glad Scrivener 3 is out, but could they have picked a worse month for it? The end of November, when a crazy percentage of users are crazily last-minute-typing into the app.

Not a good time to upgrade.

On the other hand, when November is over we can reward ourselves.

Rock and Death

I appreciate this piece about AC/DC and Malcolm Young's legacy. I never really cared for them myself. I was on the other side of the punk/metal wars, of course, and screechy vocals always put me off. I completely understand the spirit of that piece, though, and feel the same way about The Clash, the Velvet…

The trees are afire in Clapton Square. (OK, with a little bit of help from Photos.)

Just realising that when the Star Trek: Discovery theme music starts, I now want someone to say “Space: the final frontier…”